swain(Swain The Master Tactician)

Swain: The Master Tactician


Swain, also known as Jericho Swain, is a powerful champion in the popular online game League of Legends. He is a versatile mage with unique abilities and a formidable presence on the battlefield. Swain is known for his strategic thinking and immense knowledge of the art of warfare. In this article, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Swain, his gameplay style, and some tips and tricks to master this enigmatic champion.

The Abilities of Swain

Swain possesses a unique set of abilities that allow him to dominate his opponents in various ways. His passive ability, Ravenous Flock, heals him while dealing damage to his enemies. This provides Swain with sustain in team fights and the ability to trade effectively in the laning phase.

His first ability, 'Decrepify', is a point-and-click ability that damages and slows the target. It can be used to harass enemy champions, prevent them from escaping, or to set up kills for your team. Swain’s second ability, 'Nevermove', is an area-of-effect ability that immobilizes enemies caught in its grasp. This ability is important for setting up crowd control and dealing significant damage to multiple enemies.

Swain’s third ability, 'Vision of Empire', allows him to deal damage to enemies in a targeted area and also grants vision of that area. This ability is useful for checking bushes, scouting objectives, and dealing damage to enemies hidden in fog of war. Finally, Swain’s ultimate ability, 'Demonic Ascension', transforms him into a monstrous demon that deals massive damage over time to nearby enemies and empowers his other abilities, making him a force to be reckoned with in team fights.

Gameplay and Style

Swain is best suited for the mid lane or as a top lane bruiser. His sustain and crowd control abilities make him a formidable laner, able to trade effectively and prevent his opponents from escaping. Swain excels in longer team fights where he can make use of his healing and damage over time abilities.

During laning phase, focus on using your abilities to poke and harass your opponent while sustaining with your passive ability. Timing your 'Nevermove' and 'Decrepify' correctly is crucial for securing kills or setting up ganks with your jungler.

As the game progresses, look for opportunities to use your ultimate ability, 'Demonic Ascension', to deal massive damage to multiple enemies. Coordinate with your team to engage in team fights where you can make the most impact. Swain’s crowd control abilities are also useful for peeling for your carries and disrupting the enemy team’s positioning.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the art of playing Swain:

1. When using your 'Nevermove' ability, try to predict the movement of your opponents to ensure they are caught in the immobilization effect.

2. Use your 'Decrepify' ability to trade effectively in lane. It not only damages the enemy but also slows them, making it easier to land additional abilities or auto attacks.

3. Coordinate with your team to use your 'Vision of Empire' ability to gain vision and deal damage to enemies hiding in unwarded areas.

4. Prioritize building items that provide ability power, health, and mana regeneration to maximize the effectiveness of Swain’s abilities.

5. In team fights, position yourself properly to make the most of your 'Demonic Ascension' ultimate ability. Stay in the middle of the fight to deal damage to multiple enemies while also being able to sustain yourself with the healing from your passive ability.


Swain is a powerful mage and a master tactician on the battlefield. His unique abilities, sustain, and crowd control make him an excellent choice for players looking to dominate the mid or top lane. By honing your strategic thinking, mastering his abilities, and coordinating with your team, you can become a force to be reckoned with as Swain, leading your team to victory and asserting your dominance on the Rift.